FRANK CUSTOM have been established by Frank Bae, a salesman of eyewear in past 20 years, based on his philosophy of eyewear in Dae-gu Korea. He believed that the most important point is comfort of eyewear and he decided to develop better comfort eyewear with beauty

January 2007, Frank Bae launched FRANK CUSTOM with slogan ’Young craftsmanship’ at Daegu city the central of eyewear industry of Korea. FRANK CUSTOM processed essential process internally to make frames lighter and comforter than before. To suggest new model on the trend which changed every season, FRANK CUSTOM developed more than 1,000 models of frames, but never negotiated with best effort to comfort of frame.

In 2014, FRANK CUSTOM was rebranded by the study of philosophy about value of classic. Experience of producing of countless frames became foundation of producing real comport glasses. FRANK CUSTOM presented new classic collection with spirit of time in every each season. FRANK CUSTOM is sharing the brand philosophy and value of classic with citizenof the world by presentation in international exhibitions and boutiques of 48 countries.

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